For Designers: Free Vietnam & Cambodia Texture Pack

This month I was privileged to visit Vietnam and Cambodia with my church. A small team of artists are working on a book of photos, designs, and inspiring stories from people in those countries. It’s shaping up to be quite the body of work, but I’ll write more about that as it develops.

It was my first time in Southeast Asia, and I would highly recommend visiting if you have the chance. Of course things were much more busy, dirty, and chaotic than my western mind could handle. But once you dig in, you find a vast and storied history with a vibrant culture and high hopes for the future.

What instantly struck me was the life and history that saturated every square inch of the cities. Hanoi recently celebrated their 1000th birthday (for comparison my own city, Portland, has existed for 1/7th as many years) and it really shows. Every square inch of stone and concrete shows bears witness to the countless lives lived out there.

It became my mission to catalog as much of this texture as possible, to share with you for use in your designs. What you’ll find here are few of my favorites, and I hope you find them inspiring useful.

As a designer, if you find beauty in the grunge and imperfections of life, I can imagine no better source for that than Vietnam and Cambodia.

Download all 48 textures in their high resolution glory.


Here’s a preview my favorite textures from this collection:

Download full resolution textures.