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gradient: You Loved Me With the Fire Red... Now It's Turning Blue You Loved Me With the Fire Red... Now It's Turning Blue December 9th 2011
gradient: xanidu 2 xanidu 2 August 2nd 2011
gradient: xanidu xanidu August 2nd 2011
gradient: wobbly wobbly August 2nd 2011
gradient: wisteria rain wisteria rain August 2nd 2011
gradient: winter's summer winter's summer December 5th 2012
gradient: Windows Plus. Windows Plus. From time to time windows has been perfecting their business. December 18th 2011
gradient: Wave of Night Colors Wave of Night Colors The Beauty of Night with pink and reds in the sky... lying on the edges of clouds... November 11th 2011
gradient: Waking Up in Winter Waking Up in Winter the first like of sunrise. mid winter April 15th 2012
gradient: vouge vouge August 2nd 2011
gradient: violet to orange violet to orange .. September 23rd 2012
gradient: Violet to Deep Purple Violet to Deep Purple November 29th 2011
gradient: Violet to Amethyst to Deep Blue Violet to Amethyst to Deep Blue November 29th 2011
gradient: Violet to Amethyst to Blue Violet to Amethyst to Blue November 29th 2011
gradient: Violet/Blue Violet/Blue beautiful December 5th 2011
gradient: violeta violeta primavera May 10th 2012
gradient: Untitled 1 Untitled 1 ~ February 28th 2012
gradient: ugly but i like it ugly but i like it ugly. but it looks awesome as meh wallpaper December 6th 2011
gradient: twins twins This color was inspired by my pregnancy even though I don't know whether its a boy or a girl it's parents came together to make a wonderful gift from God April 12th 2012
gradient: Tropical Colors Tropical Colors August 2nd 2011
gradient: Trifabulous Trifabulous December 30th 2011
gradient: Trendy Tumblr-ish Trendy Tumblr-ish April 3rd 2012
gradient: titannightfall titannightfall August 2nd 2011
gradient: tilin tilin December 9th 2011
gradient: the rumasha colors . the rumasha colors . December 4th 2011
gradient: The Fire Reached Towards the Stars The Fire Reached Towards the Stars July 17th 2012
gradient: The Bruise The Bruise Healing bruises have so many colors.. have you noticed? November 11th 2011
gradient: test 4 test 4 test 4 October 4th 2012
gradient: test2 test2 January 15th 2012
gradient: test1 test1 June 28th 2012
gradient: tashangel tashangel August 2nd 2011
gradient: Sunset Vivid Sunset Vivid December 5th 2011
gradient: Sunset To Twilight Sunset To Twilight Vibrant then fading into dark. June 21st 2012
gradient: SUNSET SUNSET SUNSET GRADIENT! December 31st 2011
gradient: Sunset Sunset February 21st 2012
gradient: sunset sunset January 8th 2012
gradient: sunlitwave sunlitwave August 2nd 2011
gradient: summercolors summercolors August 2nd 2011
gradient: stripes solid eight stripes solid eight December 18th 2011
gradient: starrynite starrynite August 2nd 2011
gradient: springfloralblend springfloralblend August 2nd 2011
gradient: springfloral springfloral August 2nd 2011
gradient: springfest springfest August 2nd 2011
gradient: springcolors springcolors August 2nd 2011
gradient: springbird springbird August 2nd 2011
gradient: spellbound spellbound August 2nd 2011
gradient: Spectral 11 vert Spectral 11 vert June 28th 2012
gradient: Spectral 112 Spectral 112 November 27th 2011
gradient: Spectral 11 Spectral 11 August 2nd 2011
gradient: Spectral 11 Spectral 11 February 12th 2012
gradient: Spectral 10 Spectral 10 August 2nd 2011
gradient: sorcery 2 sorcery 2 August 2nd 2011
gradient: somewhere2 somewhere2 August 2nd 2011
gradient: snodraegon snodraegon August 2nd 2011
gradient: slyphide slyphide August 2nd 2011
gradient: skittles :) skittles :) January 12th 2012
gradient: Silver and Blue Silver and Blue March 25th 2012
gradient: silence silence August 2nd 2011

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