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image-dna: miao miao miaonv July 2nd 2012
image-dna: Kitchen Kitchen Element 42 Apartment kitchen July 1st 2012
image-dna: Botswana Sunset Botswana Sunset June 29th 2012
palette: Life Lessons Life Lessons June 21st 2012
image-dna: Vitage Rose and Bird Vitage Rose and Bird June 17th 2012
image-dna: valeria valeria lindo June 17th 2012
palette: Val Val June 5th 2012
image-dna: Samar colors Samar colors May 16th 2012
image-dna: AKA 20 Pearls AKA 20 Pearls April 25th 2012
image-dna: gdfhfugkgkgyutrt gdfhfugkgkgyutrt April 24th 2012
image-dna: Burou Burou A single color in the eye of the Himba. For science! April 7th 2012
image-dna: me me helo March 30th 2012
gradient: blends and bands blends and bands March 17th 2012
image-dna: Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks March 10th 2012
palette: Fashionista Fashionista Fall into spring March 9th 2012
image-dna: flower. flower. March 4th 2012
image-dna: pants pants March 3rd 2012
image-dna: Desert Spice Desert Spice February 26th 2012
image-dna: Tree House Tree House February 9th 2012
palette: Wedding Option 1 Wedding Option 1 plum, chocolate, coral, ivory February 5th 2012
image-dna: lksä lksä February 4th 2012
image-dna: Michael Cina Michael Cina Beautiful colors in this abstract painting by Michael Cina. Via January 29th 2012
gradient: :P :P January 21st 2012
image-dna: lol lol January 21st 2012
palette: Profilar Profilar January 14th 2012
palette: I Did Believe I Did Believe January 14th 2012
palette: Lavender Lavender January 13th 2012
gradient: pink cowboy boots<3 pink cowboy boots<3 January 12th 2012
palette: Scene Queen Scene Queen January 11th 2012
palette: Chris Chris January 6th 2012
palette: Ambient Wine Ambient Wine January 3rd 2012
gradient: bleen bleen January 2nd 2012
palette: Neon Leon Neon Leon December 23rd 2011
palette: 2 2 December 16th 2011
gradient: gggv gggv ffvb December 15th 2011
gradient: tp tp coolll December 15th 2011
gradient: oxido oxido December 15th 2011
gradient: fbg fbg bdr December 14th 2011
gradient: LHS Rangers LHS Rangers GO RANGERS!!! December 12th 2011
gradient: RifKhas kolor RifKhas kolor colrd December 11th 2011
gradient: ugly but i like it ugly but i like it ugly. but it looks awesome as meh wallpaper December 6th 2011
palette: warm automn warm automn October 11th 2011
palette: gg gg October 9th 2011
palette: ggg ggg nh September 7th 2011
palette: Rich Mahogany Rich Mahogany A I created for use for some client work. The Requested feel was dark woods, leather, etc. Luxury at it's finest. This was inspired by the many leather-bound books in my apartment, which smells of rich mahogany. August 31st 2011
gradient: veils veils August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG storm AG storm August 2nd 2011
gradient: cw6 007 cw6 007 August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG seattle AG seattle August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG ribbon21 AG ribbon21 August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG ribbon15 AG ribbon15 August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG pale AG pale August 2nd 2011
gradient: cw1 011 cw1 011 August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG okay AG okay August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG japan AG japan August 2nd 2011
gradient: 041A sin000180060 041A sin000180060 August 2nd 2011
gradient: cw5 036 cw5 036 August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG candy1 AG candy1 August 2nd 2011
gradient: gr26 hult gr26 hult August 2nd 2011
gradient: AG flowers AG flowers August 2nd 2011

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