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palette: Reds 08 Reds 08 August 2nd 2011
palette: Reds 09 Reds 09 August 2nd 2011
palette: Reds That I like Reds That I like ~ October 13th 2013
palette: Reds and Blues Reds and Blues July 15th 2012
palette: RedsandCyans RedsandCyans August 2nd 2011
palette: Ref color palette Ref color palette Big commission palette I used July 15th
palette: Regal Regal January 14th
palette: Reporting Colorset Reporting Colorset September 25th 2013
palette: ResearchSquare-weighted ResearchSquare-weighted February 27th 2012
palette: Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs Killer Palette February 17th
palette: Resume Resume Creating a professional infographic/resumé for myself. This is the color palette I will use to represent myself. January 22nd 2012
palette: Retro Retro June 24th
palette: Retro Red Retro Red July 16th 2013
palette: Ribbon Colors Ribbon Colors August 2nd 2011
palette: Rich Mahogany Rich Mahogany A I created for use for some client work. The Requested feel was dark woods, leather, etc. Luxury at it's finest. This was inspired by the many leather-bound books in my apartment, which smells of rich mahogany. August 31st 2011
palette: Right Now Right Now April 13th 2012
palette: Riley. Riley. December 10th 2011
palette: RobertaOrdalia RobertaOrdalia RobertaOrdalia June 13th 2012
palette: Rock on Packers! Rock on Packers! December 6th 2011
palette: Rolodopts Rolodopts For my adoptable, number 2 January 2nd 2013
palette: Romanian flag Romanian flag August 2nd 2011
palette: Romanian flag smooth Romanian flag smooth August 2nd 2011
palette: Romantically Rustic Blush Wedding Romantically Rustic Blush Wedding Blush, with pink, hot pink, creamy white flowers and sage greenery over burlap. September 18th 2012
palette: Romantically Rustic Blush Wedding 2 Romantically Rustic Blush Wedding 2 Blush peonies, with mixed pink, bright pink flowers. Sage greenery, creamy white garden roses, over burlap. September 18th 2012
palette: Ron Burgundy Ron Burgundy May 15th 2013
palette: Room Room Option two July 27th
palette: Room Room option 1 July 27th
palette: Room Colors Room Colors October 8th 2012
palette: Rose Eckhart Rose Eckhart January 30th
palette: Rose Garden Rose Garden June 2nd
palette: Rose Mint Rose Mint June 24th 2013
palette: Rosebud Palette + Rosebud Palette + All the colors from pink going left are the colors in the original palette. By splitting it down the middle of the white there are two different "rosebud" combinations possible from this palette. February 25th 2012
palette: Roses Roses Nice colors for a vintage wedding. Add dk brown and white for contrast. January 19th 2012
palette: Roses Roses August 10th 2013
palette: Rosy Brown Rosy Brown September 8th
palette: Rosy Palette Rosy Palette This palette without the reds is still a well contrasted neutral theme. July 5th 2013
palette: Rosy autumn Rosy autumn March 24th 2012
palette: Rot-Blau-Gelb Rot-Blau-Gelb September 14th 2013
palette: Rotonda #1 Rotonda #1 October 14th 2012
palette: Rotonda #2 Rotonda #2 October 14th 2012
palette: Rotonda #3 Rotonda #3 October 14th 2012
palette: Rouge Rouge Fresh powdered modern girly web color scheme. November 21st 2012
palette: Round 1 Round 1 February 27th 2012
palette: Round 2 Round 2 February 27th 2012
palette: Rounded edge Rounded edge August 2nd 2011
palette: Royal Royal January 14th
palette: Ruby Green Ruby Green February 9th 2013
palette: Rush Job 1 Rush Job 1 December 10th 2012
palette: Rust & Dust Rust & Dust June 12th 2012
palette: Rustic Daisies Rustic Daisies May 15th
palette: Rustic Rose Palette Rustic Rose Palette March 7th 2012
palette: S-Chart-Palette S-Chart-Palette October 23rd 2012
palette: SC.KEU SC.KEU May 18th 2012
palette: SD Adjacent SD Adjacent September 9th
palette: SD Neutrals SD Neutrals September 9th
palette: SD Tetrad SD Tetrad September 9th
palette: SD Triad SD Triad September 9th
palette: SD mp1 SD mp1 My Place August 24th 2011
palette: SEXY SEXY THIS COLOR IS VERY SEXY..... March 3rd 2013

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