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gradient: Telephoeized Miracle Telephoeized Miracle April 6th
gradient: Kill Me Kill Me March 27th
gradient: Swear Right Swear Right March 27th
gradient: Wood and Blood Wood and Blood March 23rd
gradient: Watermelon Panic Watermelon Panic March 23rd
gradient: Green Strangulation Green Strangulation March 23rd
gradient: Atlantis Atlantis March 23rd
gradient: Sunset Grace Sunset Grace March 19th
gradient: Sworn Enemy Sworn Enemy March 19th
gradient: Dive Dive March 13th
gradient: Rainbow Unicorn Blast Rainbow Unicorn Blast March 13th
gradient: Unification Unity Unification Unity March 13th
gradient: Flask Entity Flask Entity March 13th
gradient: Raised Up Posterior Raised Up Posterior March 13th
gradient: Faul Faul February 9th
gradient: Lick the Tree Lick the Tree February 9th
gradient: Fall Popsicle Fall Popsicle February 9th
gradient: Swamp Logic Swamp Logic February 9th
gradient: One and Two One and Two February 7th
gradient: Summer Sparkle Summer Sparkle January 27th
gradient: Misplace Misplace January 26th
gradient: Falling With Grace Falling With Grace January 26th
gradient: Pistachio Pistachio January 26th
gradient: Summer Lust Summer Lust January 25th
gradient: Amethyst Amethyst January 23rd
gradient: Study NIghtmare Study NIghtmare January 23rd
gradient: Innocence Innocence January 22nd
gradient: Garnet Garnet January 22nd
gradient: Summer Is Now Summer Is Now January 19th
gradient: Overturned Overturned January 18th
gradient: Ray Gun Ray Gun January 18th
gradient: spring dream spring dream January 1st
gradient: ocean lights ocean lights January 1st
gradient: tequilq sunrise tequilq sunrise drink it up December 26th 2016
gradient: No Idea No Idea October 14th 2016
gradient: 파스텔 파스텔 October 11th 2016
gradient: War Hue War Hue October 9th 2016
gradient: Green Grey Grunt Green Grey Grunt October 4th 2016
gradient: Blu Blu October 3rd 2016
gradient: StairWay StairWay October 2nd 2016
gradient: Wham Wham October 2nd 2016
gradient: Meital Meital October 2nd 2016
gradient: R R October 1st 2016
gradient: Y Y October 1st 2016
gradient: FallDown FallDown October 1st 2016
gradient: Oh Oh October 1st 2016
gradient: BeautifulSea BeautifulSea October 1st 2016
gradient: SomethingNew SomethingNew October 1st 2016
gradient: idk idk September 30th 2016
gradient: Embarrassed Orange Embarrassed Orange #orange, #warm, #red, #pink, #purple, #peach September 26th 2016
gradient: November Afternoon November Afternoon Based on the colour palette "November Afternoon" September 26th 2016
gradient: Hell's Fire Hell's Fire September 26th 2016
gradient: ik ik September 7th 2016
gradient: Grey Lime Grey Lime September 6th 2016
gradient: лагуна лагуна August 21st 2016
gradient: Sunset sky Sunset sky July 10th 2016
gradient: Mist to Mint Mist to Mint July 10th 2016
gradient: Skyfade Skyfade July 10th 2016
gradient: cw1 008 cw1 008 ps July 3rd 2016
gradient: autumnrose autumnrose July 3rd 2016

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