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gradient: Tailed Tailed March 28th
gradient: Against Against March 28th
gradient: Stuck Stuck March 28th
gradient: Legit Legit March 28th
gradient: Awakened Awakened March 28th
gradient: Rosewater Rosewater March 28th
gradient: Seafoam Seafoam March 28th
gradient: Grading Grading March 28th
gradient: Divided Divided March 28th
gradient: Reclusive Reclusive March 28th
gradient: Into The Night Into The Night March 28th
gradient: Travel Far Travel Far March 28th
gradient: Eyeing Eyeing January 12th
gradient: Nice Nice June 5th 2019
gradient: Humane Humane April 12th 2019
gradient: Back To The Ground Back To The Ground February 27th 2019
gradient: Starry Eyes Starry Eyes February 25th 2019
gradient: Gloom Gloom February 25th 2019
gradient: Spirling Mania Spirling Mania February 25th 2019
gradient: We Sink We Sink February 25th 2019
gradient: Sneer Sneer February 5th 2019
gradient: Swift Swift February 3rd 2019
gradient: Switch Switch February 3rd 2019
gradient: Sunburnt Dust Sunburnt Dust February 3rd 2019
gradient: Prime Prime February 3rd 2019
gradient: Dare Dare February 3rd 2019
gradient: Cozy Cozy February 3rd 2019
gradient: Soft Soft February 3rd 2019
gradient: Fury Fury February 3rd 2019
gradient: Beyond Beyond February 3rd 2019
gradient: Silent Yet Loud Silent Yet Loud February 2nd 2019
gradient: Pale But Bold Pale But Bold February 2nd 2019
gradient: Skysong Skysong February 2nd 2019
gradient: Sundance Sundance January 31st 2019
gradient: Racing Green Racing Green January 31st 2019
gradient: Maybe She'll Be Back Maybe She'll Be Back January 30th 2019
gradient: Flow Flow January 7th 2019
gradient: Tilt Tilt December 20th 2018
gradient: Autumn Breeze Autumn Breeze December 18th 2018
gradient: Raspberry Raspberry December 18th 2018
gradient: Wizardry Wizardry December 18th 2018
gradient: Nature Nature October 3rd 2018
gradient: Penetrating Penetrating October 3rd 2018
gradient: In The Club In The Club September 29th 2018
gradient: Pomegranate Pomegranate September 25th 2018
gradient: TATTO GRADIENT TATTO GRADIENT June 26th 2018
gradient: Do You Remember Yesterday Do You Remember Yesterday June 26th 2018
gradient: I Never Said I Wanna Get Clean I Never Said I Wanna Get Clean June 26th 2018
gradient: Faze Faze June 12th 2018
gradient: Escalator Escalator December 21st 2017
gradient: Ocean Breeze Ocean Breeze December 16th 2017
gradient: Assistant Assistant December 16th 2017
gradient: Scientist Scientist December 16th 2017
gradient: Wake Up Wake Up December 16th 2017
gradient: Ice Cold Ice Cold December 15th 2017
gradient: Murder Murder December 15th 2017
gradient: Dream Dream December 15th 2017
gradient: Blackout Blackout December 15th 2017
gradient: Kick Kick December 15th 2017
gradient: Problems Problems December 15th 2017

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