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image-dna: Cleaning Dunwoody Cleaning Dunwoody Certified Cleaners Today
image-dna: Perfil Cores Perfil Cores Today
image-dna: E Shisha Pens E Shisha Pens | is your best source to buy e shisha pens, e cigarette and electronic cigar. For getting more details visit us or contact us at 0207 112 8729 Today
image-dna: Home Patient Care Malaysia Home Patient Care Malaysia Nurses At Home is a professionally operated and hospital-linked service provider. Our capabilities allow Doctors and Patients to utilize home-based care as an important tool in promoting recovery. Today
image-dna: Web Solutions Company In India Web Solutions Company In India Best app development company in India, our expert software professionals can help you rise to the top and get outstanding results through delivering the customized web APP and mobile APP development solutions. Today
image-dna: Post rehab training sun city west az Post rehab training sun city west az With in home personal training, you can have the top notch private instruction typically afforded to only the most expensive gyms! A simple, no frills pricing system ensures that you have the absolute lowest rates possible. There are no gym membership costs, taxes, commitments or need to pay for items you never use! Our trainer has worked at gyms that charge up to $120 an hour for personal training. Our rates start at a third of that and then get lower! Today
palette: Fantastic Handyman Melbourne Palette Fantastic Handyman Melbourne Palette This is the palette used in the official website of Fantastic Handyman Melbourne. Here you can check it out: Today
image-dna: Stockholm Mens Reversible Shearling Coat CW855575 Stockholm Mens Reversible Shearling Coat CW855575 Classic stylish reversible shearling coat for men, stay toasty in it with its natural sheepskin and plush fur shearling material, detailed with removable shearling hood, embossed design, roomy patch pockets, and you can wear this hooded shearling coat in both sides, your best choice for stylishness and warmth. Cwmalls offers custom made service. View it Yesterday
image-dna: The Dark Web Infographic: What is it and Why Does it Matter? The Dark Web Infographic: What is it and Why Does it Matter? | Consumer information is becoming increasingly compromised. But where does all of that data go once it is stolen? In many cases, fraudsters turn to what is called the “Dark Web”, a collection of websites that grant users anonymity and can be used to trade and sell data that has been fraudulently obtained. While not all activity performed in the Dark Web is malicious, criminals have exploited the hidden nature of these sites to offer a variety of services as well as sell stolen consumer information. Although these sites are visible publicly, you must know their secret IP addresses and the servers that run them in order to access the sites, making visitors and site runners difficult to track. Yesterday
image-dna: DIY Identity Risk Scoring DIY Identity Risk Scoring We all understand the importance of identity verification and fraud prevention when it comes to mitigating risk, acquiring new customers and meeting compliance standards. Because of this, IDology recently launched ExpectID Score which enables organizations to further enhance their customer authentication process by creating their own risk profiles and scoring models. What is identity risk scoring? Identity risk scores are an easy way for businesses to assess the risk of a particular transaction. By examining a transaction as high, medium or low risk, organizations can simplify the approval processes and enhance their business rules regarding fraud. When might you need identity risk scoring? If you want to comply with regulatory guidelines that recommend scoring If you have high risk customer segments If you perform international transactions If you have ID’s that pass but have suspicious attributes Through our ExpectID Score solution, you will gain the ability to “DYI” your own identity risk score utilizing our adaptive scoring functionality which allows you to create scoring models that fit your business rules and adapt to evolving fraud tactics. Identity attributes and fraud indicators can be assigned values based on risk to your business and then these values can be placed into risk thresholds that you, in turn, score. There are many additional benefits to identity risk scoring. Check out our new infographic called “DYI Identity Risk Scoring” for more information. Yesterday
image-dna: The Evolving Patient Portal, with Increased Adoption Brings Increased Risk The Evolving Patient Portal, with Increased Adoption Brings Increased Risk | Medical identity theft is a growing problem. Medical related identity theft accounted for 43% of all identity fraud committed in the US in 2013. And unfortunately, that number is anticipated to rise. With recent headlines containing news of healthcare data breaches, it is clear that healthcare organizations need to employ robust solutions in order to protect their patients from identity theft and fraud. As Electronic Medical Records grow in use and patient portals increase in adoption, healthcare organizations will inevitably experience more risk. Yesterday
image-dna: Bern Hooded Sheepskin Duffle Coat CW855561 Bern Hooded Sheepskin Duffle Coat CW855561 Fashion genuine sheepskin duffle coat for men, crafted from natural sheepskin with plush fur shearling material, featuring with quality zipper closure with horn buttons, sheepskin hood against the cold winds, and patch pockets to warm your hands, this hooded sheepskin coat is perfect for the cold winter. Cwmalls offers custom made service. View it Yesterday
image-dna: The Challenges & Benefits of a Trusted Mobile Identity The Challenges & Benefits of a Trusted Mobile Identity | The amount of activity on the mobile marketplace has grown exponentially over the last decade, so much so that there are now more people using mobile devices than desktop computers worldwide. As such, the ability to accurately establish and ultimately trust the identity of a consumer in the mobile environment has become a top priority for organizations across a wide variety of industries. Establishing a persistent Mobile Identity for a customer is an important part of this process and comes with a number of challenges that, when properly addressed, can lead to significant benefits. Yesterday
image-dna: Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud | With e-commerce transactions increasing and consumers more willing to do business online, it is more important than ever for organizations to improve their identity verification processes. Check out the below infographic to learn more about Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud. Yesterday
image-dna: เห็ดหูหนู เห็ดหูหนู | เยื่อไผ่จริงๆแล้วคือเห็ดชนิดหนึ่ง มีชื่อเรียกสุดเท่ห์ว่าเห็ดฟังไจ บ้านเราเรียกว่าเห็ดร่างแห ส่วนฝรั่งเรียกว่า Dictyophora indusiata เห็ดเยื่อไผ่มีสรรพคุณครอบจักรวาลอาทิเช่น ลดคอเลสเตอรอล ลดความความดันโลหิต บรรเทาอาการจากโรคตา โรคตับ โรคไต รวมถึงโรคหวัด เยื่อไผ่นิยมนำมาใส่ต้มจืดหรือทำซุป จะได้รสหอมหวานกลมกล่อม Yesterday
image-dna: 2014 Fraud Report Trends Infographic 2014 Fraud Report Trends Infographic With fraudsters using more and more sophisticated methods every day, what steps do organizations need to take in order to stay ahead? According to our 2014 Fraud report, the rise in the amount of suspected fraud from 2013 to 2014 was significant, with 87 percent of survey respondents reporting they had experienced suspected fraud over the last 12 months, up from two-thirds in 2013. Understanding fraud targets allows an organization to discover and respond to potential threats, ensuring that legitimate customers get in and fraud stays out. There are three major trends that were apparent in this year’s fraud report: 1. Fraudsters continue to target web applications. 2. Credit, debit, and prepaid card fraud remains a major concern. 3. Small dollar fraud prevails. By addressing any weaknesses and enhancing the capabilities of a fraud prevention program using dynamic identity verification methods, an organization can effectively detect fraud and prevent it from taking place. Now is the time to act in order to protect customers and ensure that transactions process smoothly. Identity verification and fraud prevention technology solutions are a great way to ensure compliance with regulations, increase customer acquisition, and drive revenue. Click the below image to download a copy of our 2014 Fraud Report Trends Infographic for more details! Yesterday
image-dna: The Mobile Commerce Environment The Mobile Commerce Environment When you think of smartphones and the mobile environment, you may think about phone calls, texting or even social media. However, what’s becoming more and more common today is the use of smartphones as tools for accessing banking, payments, shopping, healthcare and other types of applications and websites. Nearly two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones and 19 percent of those rely on their smartphones for accessing online services. Not surprisingly, mobile commerce is expected to grow at a rate of 42 percent through 2016. With the convenience of smartphones being able to access their personal accounts across multiple industries, security remains a priority for organizations that have any sort of mobile applications. Tactics fraudsters use include malware, phishing, spoofing and even fake cellular towers to tap into phone calls and text messages. To see the complete list of statistics and findings for industries where consumers use their smartphones, and to see nine common fraud trends in the mobile industry, check out our complete infographic below. Yesterday
image-dna: Pest Control Malaysia Pest Control Malaysia | Non-Toxic Pest Control Solution for your home. Shoo! makes use of organic and natural products which are designed to be biodegradable yet having the same effectiveness as that of its synthetic counterparts. Yesterday
image-dna: Phoenix Mens Vintage Winter Sheepskin Coat Phoenix Mens Vintage Winter Sheepskin Coat Vintage brown sheepskin shearling coat, made with best quality material for keeping you warm and comfortable, detailed with shearling notched collar, leather epaulets, and flap pockets, neat cutting and stitching add stylishness, this brown sheepskin shearling coat is your best companion in winter. Cwmalls offers custom made service. View it Yesterday
image-dna: Funeral Cover Insurance Funeral Cover Insurance The Insurance Helpline is a New Zealand owned and operated service with highly experienced and appropriately registered Insurance Brokers here to help you with your questions, particularly in regards to NZ Funeral Insurance. October 4th
image-dna: Moscow Mens Winter Wolf Fur Coat CW855583 Moscow Mens Winter Wolf Fur Coat CW855583 Handsome winter wolf fur coat for men, stay toasty with its supple wolf fur interior and comfortable lambskin leather shell, look luxurious with nice wolf collar, classic design with button closure and side pockets, this wolf fur coat keeps you cozy when temperatures plummet. Cwmalls offers custom made service. View it October 4th
image-dna: N Level English Tutor N Level English Tutor | The “Formula-Style Teaching Method” is a highly effective method to help your child learn English in a systematic, step-by-step manner using formula-style strategies. ANY student can apply these strategies immediately to see significant grade improvements for all Paper Components of the English Language. October 4th
image-dna: Leather Bracelets Leather Bracelets Jewels & Jewels is the retail division of wholesaler Metro Gold Jewelry. Metro Gold began over 30 years ago as a family owned business in Miami. Both Jewels & Jewels and Metro Gold remain family owned. Jewels & Jewels is online-based concentrating on silver and gold jewelry with and without diamonds. October 4th
image-dna: Kansas Hooded Shearling Duffle Coat CW855570 Kansas Hooded Shearling Duffle Coat CW855570 Luxuriously plush shearling coat in duffle design, featuring with shearling hood, OX horn button and patch pockets, it keeps out the chillness by its supple and thick shearling material, and protects against the cold winds with the functional hood, you will feel fabulous in this hooded shearling coat in winter. Cwmalls offers custom made service. View it October 4th
image-dna: PC Support Services PC Support Services Pclogical provides excellent tech support services to all your PC-related problems and our experienced technical staff is dedicated to help you instantly whatever your problem. October 4th
palette: Carpet Carpet October 4th
color: Brown Brown October 4th
color: Pink Pink October 4th
color: Grey Grey October 4th
palette: Teal Teal October 4th
palette: angeles negros angeles negros October 4th
image-dna: Glasgow Mens Shearling Coat with Hood CW858357 Glasgow Mens Shearling Coat with Hood CW858357 Trendy black sheepskin shearling coat for men, it protects you against the winds with nice shearling fur hood, stay toasty with its superior sheepskin shearling material, detailed with leather belts at the collar, shearling trims everywhere, this hooded sheepskin coat offers warmth and stylishness. Cwmalls offers custom made service. View it October 4th
image-dna: Boston Mens Sheepskin Coat with Hood CW855571 Boston Mens Sheepskin Coat with Hood CW855571 Classic sheepskin coat with hood, crafted from Australian natural sheepskin with softest shearling material, designed in removable shearling hood, zip front with button closure, side pockets to warm your hands, and nice button details at the sleeve, enjoy the winter with this hooded shearling coat. Cwmalls offers custom made service. View it October 3rd
palette: Fall Fall October 3rd
palette: green tinges green tinges Nice green October 3rd
image-dna: Rajap Rajap Light Greens and Gray October 3rd
color: Baby Purple Baby Purple October 3rd
image-dna: Try1 Try1 October 3rd
image-dna: Otoño Otoño October 3rd
palette: website UI colors October 2nd
image-dna: Cherry Blossom - pink Cherry Blossom - pink October 2nd
image-dna: Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom October 2nd
image-dna: moodboard moodboard October 1st
color: Linen Canvas Linen Canvas October 1st
image-dna: sour gummy worms sour gummy worms October 1st
image-dna: TI TI October 1st
image-dna: TI-1 TI-1 October 1st
image-dna: Golf Etiquette for Junior Golfers Golf Etiquette for Junior Golfers Part of the process of improving your golf game as a junior golfer is learning the customs and traditions of the sport. Etiquette out on the course, especially when playing tournaments, is an essential part of golf and is almost as old as the game itself. Understanding the dress code, how to behave on the course, and courtesies to show other golfers will help you develop a good relationship with golfers and a reputation for yourself. Sweatpants and jeans are not allowed on most courses. In fact, it is most appropriate to wear a collared shirt (tucked in for men), along with dress or golf slacks or shorts. Be sure to refrain from running, since it is distracting to other players, and do not yell unless you are yelling “fore” to warn of an errant shot. In an effort to keep up a good pace of play, put a limit on time between club selection and shot, as well as searching for lost balls. October 1st
image-dna: Mobile Homes For Sale Indiana Mobile Homes For Sale Indiana It’s not easy to sell a manufactured home in today’s market. But don’t worry, MHome Buyers can help. Just answer a few short questions. We’ll make you an offer to purchase your mobile or manufactured home FAST, so you can get moving without the hassle. October 1st
image-dna: Hotel Telluride CO Hotel Telluride CO | Montrose CO hotel is home to the famous Black Canyon National Park and is located in Southwest Colorado, which is just under 15 minutes from our Montrose hotel. If you are big on nature and love the outdoors, then Black Canyon National Park is the place for you. It offers exciting hikes through narrow corrodores and unmarked gullies, down to the river where you can camp and enjoy the wonderful sounds that the canyon provides. Call our Montrose, CO hotel today for more information. September 30th
image-dna: Demographics of Drug Users Demographics of Drug Users | Much has been said about drug use in America over the last few years, especially with citizens voting on legalization measures for marijuana. However, not as much information has been available that details the demographics of drug users or the measures organizations can take for drug testing. In terms of use, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimated that in 2013 there were more than 24.5 million Americans over the age of 12 that had used an illegal drug in the previous month. Just under 23 percent of these individuals were between the ages of 18 to 20, while nearly 21 percent were between the ages of 21 to 25, and illicit drug use was spread across ethnicities. September 30th
image-dna: ahh ahh September 30th
image-dna: photograpjjy photograpjjy September 30th
image-dna: Amsterdamse School Amsterdamse School September 30th
image-dna: donut by deerroe donut by deerroe September 30th
gradient: e49372 e49372 September 30th
image-dna: Drug Testing for Student Athletes Drug Testing for Student Athletes Athletics are important to today’s culture. Many different sports are highly popular, with thousands and even millions of viewers tuning in to cheer on favorite teams, both professional and collegiate. College athletics, especially, can inspire loyalty among fans, constantly putting student athletes in the limelight. Due to this, it’s important that student athletes be held to the highest of standards. One danger for student athletes is drug consumption. Drugs can ruin a student athlete’s future career, as well as jeopardize the team’s reputation. A great way to reduce the amount of drug consumption among student athletes is to promote a drug testing program that allows for early detection. This infographic gives you more information on how drug testing can be used to help deter student athletes from developing addictions. Continue reading to discover more about why drug testing for student athletes is so important, as well as safe and fair procedures for conducting these tests. September 30th
gradient: ooh yes ooh yes September 30th
gradient: eh eh September 30th
palette: spring spring September 30th

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