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image-dna: 77 77 September 18th
image-dna: pink pink August 6th
image-dna: Al Mundo Al Mundo June 28th
image-dna: ZebraWorms ZebraWorms 5 color ZebraWorms June 7th
gradient: Nice Nice June 5th
palette: ZUTTER ZUTTER June 4th
palette: Sunny Beachy Day Sunny Beachy Day May 2nd
gradient: Humane Humane April 12th
palette: lmnl lmnl April 4th
palette: Elegant Elegant March 22nd
image-dna: Elena y Ángel Elena y Ángel March 11th
color: near dark near dark March 7th
color: graymatter graymatter March 7th
color: prototype prototype March 7th
color: blurple blurple March 7th
color: gra gra March 7th
color: blu blu March 7th
color: tray1 tray1 March 7th
color: gehesha gehesha March 7th
color: talibrun1 talibrun1 March 7th
color: talibrun1 talibrun1 March 7th
color: talli3 talli3 March 7th
color: -talli2 -talli2 March 7th
color: shop Talli orange shop Talli orange March 7th
palette: Bravery Bravery February 27th
palette: Let Me Nap Let Me Nap February 27th
gradient: Back To The Ground Back To The Ground February 27th
palette: Excellent Excellent February 25th
palette: Common Sunset Blues Common Sunset Blues February 25th
gradient: Starry Eyes Starry Eyes February 25th
palette: Swayed Swayed February 25th
gradient: Gloom Gloom February 25th
gradient: Spirling Mania Spirling Mania February 25th
color: Reckless Reclusion Reckless Reclusion February 25th
palette: Interchangeable Interchangeable February 25th
gradient: We Sink We Sink February 25th
palette: It Rained It Rained February 25th
image-dna: 22 junio 22 junio February 17th
palette: DFW - URSA MINOR DFW - URSA MINOR February 16th
palette: DFW - OPHIUCHUS DFW - OPHIUCHUS February 16th
palette: DFW - PISCES DFW - PISCES February 16th
palette: DFW - AQUARIUS DFW - AQUARIUS February 16th
palette: DFW - CAPRICORN DFW - CAPRICORN February 16th
palette: DFW - SAGITTARIUS DFW - SAGITTARIUS February 16th
palette: DFW - SCORPIO DFW - SCORPIO February 16th
palette: DFW - LIBRA DFW - LIBRA February 16th
palette: DFW - VIRGO DFW - VIRGO February 16th
palette: DFW - LEO DFW - LEO February 16th
palette: DFW - CANCER DFW - CANCER February 16th
palette: DFW - GEMINI DFW - GEMINI February 16th
palette: DFW - TAURUS DFW - TAURUS February 16th
palette: DFW - ARIES DFW - ARIES February 16th
color: Salmon Salmon February 16th
image-dna: trend 1 trend 1 February 7th
palette: The Fallen The Fallen February 7th
color: Deceiving Deceiving February 7th
palette: Down to Earth Down to Earth February 6th
color: Summer Sky Summer Sky February 5th
palette: After Dark After Dark February 5th

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